ThatGuy's BBQ stems from what began as a casual interest in all things barbecue.  What began as a hobby has grown into something much bigger.  


It happened quite by accident in the late hours one Saturday nightt.  While smoking a rack of ribs on his offset, ThatGuy ran out of the store-bought sauce he had been using for basting. With no open stores nearby, and nobody to watch the grill should he leave, he quickly improvised by throwing some ingredients together on the stove.  


The resulting concoction was nothing short of amazing!  Savoury, sweet, and just the right amount of kick, it was just the thing he needed to finish off the best ribs he had ever cooked! Over the next few days, ThatGuy shared his creation with friends and family, all of who, after tasting the tangy creation, had to have a bottle of their own.  The rest, as they say, is history.


Today, ThatGuy continues to create and cook on his grills, but there is never a bottle of ThatGuy's BBQ sauce too far out of reach.  And, with this website, the same can be said for you as well!



From Humble Beginnings